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“The CNL culture is one that inspires and motivates each of our associates to consistently act on behalf of the common good.”

Tom Sittema, Chief Executive Officer

Core Values
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With a long-term perspective we will...

Respect Every Individual

  • We will respect the dignity of every individual.
  • We will recognize that every person is unique and his or her contributions hold value.
  • We will motivate each other to be the best we can be by listening with compassion and challenging without judgment.
  • We will welcome diversity in background, experience and perspective.

Encourage Teamwork

  • We will create a learning environment to develop our people, giving them the skills and resources to sharpen their capabilities, and the authority necessary to carry out their roles and responsibilities.
  • We will subordinate self-interest for the good of the team, investing our best in the success of others.
  • We will work together across disciplines to foster a team spirit by sharing information, advocating for others and building consensus to achieve what is best for the entire company.

Model Faithful Stewardship

  • We will hold ourselves accountable for the use of our gifts, relentlessly pursuing excellence.
  • We will demonstrate good stewardship of our time, talents and resources, serving others with a focus on achieving results.     

Promote Innovation

  • We will first and foremost protect the downside by anticipating future market, technology and competitive trends.
  • We will operate with flexibility, welcoming and adapting to change.
  • We will continue to build an enduring company by delivering distinctive products, partners and solutions to our clients that make a world of difference.
  • We will endeavor to produce exceptional results and meet our fiduciary responsibilities to our clients through experience, thoughtful innovation, performance-driven products and hard work.

Enrich Communities

  • We will maintain a healthy balance in our lives between serving our families, our company and our community.
  • We will engage in purposeful community development that benefits the health, welfare and growth of our local communities.

Champion Relationships

  • We will regard each relationship as a valuable asset.                 
  • We will seek "win-win" solutions.               
  • We will create a working environment, based on cohesiveness and mutual goals, that promotes open dialogue.

Honor Truth

  • We will conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity at all times and at all costs.
  • We will fulfill our commitments with passion tempered by humility.
  • We will acknowledge our mistakes and shortcomings, share truth with a gentle spirit, and do all that we can to work toward lasting reconciliation and binding trust.
  • We will seek to have the candid and forthright conversations necessary for the success of the team.