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About CNL

"Build capacity, protect the downside
and opportunity will come."

James M. Seneff, Jr.
Executive Chairman


Where Vision Creates Value®



The Democratization of Investments®



In 1973, CNL founder James M. Seneff, Jr. took a $5,000 loan from his father and began his own business by buying real estate in downtown Orlando for less than $3 a square foot. Forty years later, his investment has grown to become CNL Financial Group, a private investment management firm. Since its inception, CNL and/or its affiliates have formed or acquired companies with more than $34 billion in assets, and have raised more than $19 billion in private and public offerings through the broker-dealer and institutional investment communities. Through the Democratization of Investing®, CNL continues to explore alternative investment options, both in and out of real estate, seeking to offer a diverse group of products to fit the ever changing needs of investors.

At CNL we believe that relationships transcend transactions. Our consultative and Research-Driven℠ approach, proven capital access, and more than 45 years of creating rewarding experiences, have made CNL the partner of choice for some of the most-respected names in the sectors we serve.