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About CNL

"Build capacity, protect the downside
and opportunity will come."

James M. Seneff, Jr.
Executive Chairman

Tammy J. Tipton

Chief Financial Officer
CNL Financial Group

Tammy J. Tipton

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”-Peter Drucker


  • Chief Financial Officer, CNL Financial Group
  • Chief Financial Officer, CNL Strategic Capital
  • Interim Chief Operating Officer, CNL Strategic Capital


Tammy Tipton is chief financial officer for CNL Financial Group and chief financial officer of CNL Strategic Capital. In this role Mrs. Tipton oversees the accounting, reporting, planning & budgeting, payroll and purchasing functions for both the private company and the public funds as well as fund operations for CNL Strategic Capital.

Since joining CNL in 1987, Mrs. Tipton has served in various accounting roles, including regulatory reporting for 20 public entities and the accounting, reporting and servicing for approximately 30 public and private real estate programs.


Certified Public Accountant
B.A., Accounting, University of Central Florida


  • Treasurer, Shepherd's Hope
  • Finance Committee, Bishop Moore Catholic High School