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Talent Development
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Success comes from investing capital in the right people with the right ideas.

By focusing on individual growth and talent management, leadership and organizational development creates a synergy between associates and the organization. CNL’s Compass Program is an essential part of linking associates with the overall goals of the organization to achieve optimal performance as well as develop associates. By using proven methods of planning and measurement, we strive for unprecedented levels of success.

Believing that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, talent development combines best practices in the areas of learning and performance management to focus the entire organization on achieving its strategic objectives. Aligning organizational goals with individual performance objectives provides achievement for both the company and its most important asset – its people. This is the culmination of the TIC Principle®.

“Reach beyond your grasp. Your goals should always be grand enough to get the best of you.”
-- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Compass Program

CNL's Compass Program, designed to create a performance-driven culture, operates under the belief that true success requires committed hearts as well as minds.

Grounded in CNL's Core Values, the Compass performance management system:

  • Is fundamentally based on performance, not entitlement.
  • Inspires exceptional leadership from every associate.
  • Proactively sets annual performance objectives, key behaviors, goals and development plans for each associate related to his or her responsibilities to a team, a work unit, a department, and ultimately, CNL.
  • Provides constant, specific feedback from leaders and associates themselves to ensure each associate remains focused on objectives.